Notes from our clients...



“I first met Erica within a few days after arriving in Prince Edward Island as an International student. Since then, every time I have a concern regarding my status as a student, or just about anything that has to do with immigration, I never feel comfortable to talk to or take advice from anyone but Erica. When I recommend Erica to others I always tell them that she can be trusted and is very good at what she does. I also tell them that she has a lot of experience and that she is very professional.

 I definitely think the service is good value for my money because I know I’m getting results that are accurate and reliable. I always receive answers to all my questions and Erica is dependable and very professional. I believe everything that I have done with Stanley Immigration thus far to be affordable. I don’t believe I would get the same results I get from Erica from someone else. Reason being, Erica is honest and can be trusted. She is not the type of person to suggest you do things because it means more money for her. I think it’s safe to say, Erica values her customers.” -- Peta- Gaye Reece 



“I appreciate the fact that once you get to work with Erica, you're encouraged by the general vibe of the interaction to get to know her beyond your immigration papers because of how she is generally a friendly, caring person who wants others to do well, especially if she can help. I would recommend her services to anyone I know who needed them.”-- Charles Aondo



"First, Stanley immigration brand is synonymous with quality, unquantifiable advisory, selflessness and timely services.  The fees are quite reasonable and not above the roof. #Theclientmatters#

Erica Stanley, in particular, is an irreplaceable, result driven, very focused person who strives to fully understand, digest and attack her client's immigration challenges with vigor and quality advice in the most professional manner. She's very strategic, energetic and can be quite emotional in the way she handles her cases.

Erica broke the jinx of my unjustified, several visa refusals into Canada over a period of two traumatic years of separation from my family. A case of pure misunderstanding of my peculiar circumstances by the Canadian immigration consular officers. She was able to secure a TRP for me to spend a 90 day period with my family when all else failed to get a TRV.  I am indeed grateful for her services on that matter.

I will gladly, without any reservations recommend the services of Stanley immigration to friends, family, and associates who may wish for any immigration advise in Canada." -- Faromika, Olalekan Adebayo